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  • You need to come to southern U.S.  Great website - Patty 2 years ago 

  • You are an amazing musician and an amazing friend. Love the website! - Jodi 2 years ago 

  • Great stuff Dale! Love the look of the page, it totally rocks! Best to you my friend. Rock on. - Craig T. Power 2 years ago 

  • All the best with new website Rock on☺😎 - Tammi 2 years ago 

  • Dale is one of the best drummers I know in the music industry, and an awesome friend.  Great work Dale!!!! - DJDave  

  • Next time you hit Edmonton give me a ring - Kevin Lennon 3 years ago 

  • love to meet you again, last time was with Catharine Main.  Tony guy wasn't to met you. - Issy 3 years ago 

  • Great,  love you - Issy 3 years ago 

  • Looking forward to seeing you again soon!  Awesome site. - Elizabeth Babcock 3 years ago 

  • Looking forward to seeing big things from you! - Lisa Adams 3 years ago