2010 Ghosts, Guitars and Rockstars movie
Performed as Dale Harrison as Rockstar
Writer: 'Hero's Hero' & 'Come On’ Track
Comedy Central Channel
1996 Hard Core Logo (Movie)
Actor/Script Consultant
1995 Curtis's Charm Movie
Actor as Thug
1999 JOHNNY Movie
Actor as Thug
1999 Survivor (Drama) Tv Movie
Writer - "Unsound"
1995 Prince For A DAY
Comedy / Drama
Performed as Drummer in Baby Band
1994 Dance Me Outside Movie
Composer/Drummer Single #23390112
Title: Joy Riding With Frank
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2009 APTN with Derek Miller
TV Show
2009 Aboriginal Music Awards
Performed with Derek Miller Band
2009 Harbor Music Live
Performed with Derek Miller Band
Tv Show
2008 The REX (Tv Series)
Performed with Headstones
TV Series
1987-2000 Degrassi Junior High
CTV - Multiple Appearances
with Headstones
TV Series
2007 CanadaAM on CTV
Performed with EDWIN Band
TV Show
2004 Instant Star
CTV - Multiple Appearances with Headstones
TV Series
2004-1997 Open Mike Show
with Mike Bullard
CTV Performed Multiple Appearances
TV Show
with Headstones
1999 Due South tv series
Writer - Cubically Contained
TV Series
1997 Headstones MuchMusic
Single Track UNSOUND
Performance by Headstones
TV Show
1997 Ed the Sock
Performed Single “Do that Thing” 1997
TV Show
1997 Rita Mcneil Show
Performed Single “Unsound”
TV Show
1995 Dini Petty Show
Performed Unsound / Cubically Contained
TV Show
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2013 WildSide Motorcycle Tours
in Las Vegas Nevada
Ride with Dale Harrison
2012 Joe Fresh Stripes
Session Drummer
TV Commercial
2011 Joe Fresh Poster
Session Drummer
TV Commercial
2010 Olympics
Session Drummer
Hudson Bay Tv Commercial
2009 Headstones Greatest Hits
TV Commerical
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