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Curtis's Charm (1995)

1h 14min | Comedy, Drama | 18 October 1996 (USA)


This film, based on a Jim Carroll short story, recounts the tale of Curtis and his encounter with voodoo. Curtis is a drug addict who has become paranoid, thinking that his wife's mother has cast evil spells on him. He meets his friend Jim and asks him for help in counteracting her black magic. Jim tries to reason with his friend, but when that fails, he decides to play along and make him a talisman. Drawing a snake on a scrap of paper and mumbling an incantation, Jim gives him this charm. This immediately solves Curtis's problems...or does it?

Written by Tad Dibbern

Johnny (1999)

1h 24min | Drama | 16 November 1999 (Greece)


Johnny, the megalomaniac leader of a group of squeegee kids, finds a video camera and pushes his followers into "acting" out increasingly dangerous "scenes".


Lone Hero (2002)

R | 1h 30min | Action, Adventure, Drama | 12 April 2002 (USA)


An actor in a Wild West show must become a mythical Western Hero when a biker gang descends upon a small Montana town.

LONE HERO (Soundtrack) 2002  with Headstones

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